SWAYAM was launched by MoE, Govt. of India in 2017 to enable access to quality education to all learners. Courses here follow a fixed schedule of enrolling, learning and certification and the entire process works in sync with calendars of colleges across the country.

We now launch SWAYAM+ (part of SWAYAM Vertical 2) which provides access to learners to specialised content made available in the following formats:

  • Self-paced courses that the learner can enroll and get certified in
  • Short term workshops that are offered online in blended mode targeting different groups of audiences
  • Programs from various institutes and organizations in their areas of expertise

These programs will have a fee that will vary depending on the nature of the content and offering and will provide insights into cutting edge technology, latest trends in research and skill the learners in trending areas. Also the modalities of learning and earning the certificate may vary from course to course. So please do go through the details given before joining any program.

To explore more, click on the tab called Programs above and embark on your learning journey.