Azure DevOps and Micro Services & Azure Kubernetes – Deployment Models

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About the workshop:

This is an ONLINE workshop on Azure DevOps and Micro Services & Azure Kubernetes – Deployment Models

Azure DevOps and Micro Services

The session mainly concentrates on giving an introduction to microservices and provide audience information on the reasons for using microservices, how microservices are organized and the best practices to follow while working with microservices.

Instructor : Mr. Puthama Raju Rudru,  Principal Technical Architect, Encora

Azure Kubernetes – Deployment Models

Azure Kubernetes & Deployment Models (apprx: 1hr 30mins)

• What is Kubernetes?
o Docker & Containers
o Container Orchestration
o AKS Cluster, Network/Subnet
o NodePool & Namespaces
• K8s Providers
o Azure, AWS, GKE and RedhatOpenshift
• Kubernetes Entities
o ConfigMap
o Secrets
o SSL SAN & TLS Secrets
o Cronjob
o Deployment
o Service
o Bridging Service
o Ingress (nginx)
• How to deploy ?
o Jenkins Pipelines with kubectl
o Helm
• Deployment Use cases
o Simple deployment
§ deploy all together
o Multiple modules & common config
§ decoupled config map
o NoOutage Deployment
§ Canary Deployment
§ Manual DNS Swap
o Ingress for multiple domains
§ Deploy ingress in Common Namespace with SSL SAN Certs
o Autoscaling
§ CPU threshold based autoscaling
§ On-demand autoscaling
§ Time bound autoscaling
o Persistent Storage
§ Simple Azure Fileshare mount (CIFS)
§ PV and PVC mount
o Log aggregation
§ Azure Log analytics, Splunk, Datadog and more..


Instructor : Mr. Ilangchezhiyan G, Technical Architect, Encora


Session date : 7th January, 2023

Timings : Saturday 10am – 1pm

Registration fees and Certificate

Course Fee : Rs 236/- ( Rs 200 +18% GST)

Certificiate : Certificates will be provided to participants who attend the workshop.

About Encora

About Encora:

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and backed by private equity firm Advent International, Encora is the preferred innovation partner to some of the world’s leading technology companies. It provides next-gen services such as Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud, and Test Automation. Encora has deep cluster vertical capabilities in HealthTech, FinTech, HiTech, IAM & Cybersecurity, Digital Commerce, EdTech, Supply Chain & Logistics, Telecom and other specialized industries. Encora is an established leader in outsourced product development services that specializes in innovation acceleration for leading-edge technology companies. With over 7,500 associates in 40+ offices and innovation labs across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, India, and Asia Pacific, Encora’s global talent pool, micro-industry vertical expertise and proprietary agile engineering capabilities enable clients to improve their speed to impact. For more information, please visit

About the intsructor


Mr. Ilangchezhiyan  G

Title : Technical Architect

Bio: I was born in a family at the outskirts of Chennai that ran a small hardware and mechanical spares shop. Completed my 10th grade during the critical Y2K, curiously took Biology-Maths group to not miss an opportunities on medical and engineering professions.

(Un)Fortunately, the business was challenged with sales drop due to massive real estate boom that forced to lookout for another business. Inspired by a relative chose to buy a desktop and printer to do DTP/PrintOut business. Met the desktop computer for the first time having a little experience with legacy typewriters during summer vacation. Improved the business to the next level with multi lingual developments (Tamil & English) before leaving school.

Chose B.Tech Information Technology to lay the foundation of my IT career. Started my IT journey
in 2006 as a campus hire in Virtusa India Pvt Ltd. It was a fantastic journey with an year  of opportunity to work with the client in Philadelphia US.
Shifted gears and chosen TCS to have another great journey that allowed me to work on  a transformation journey of a legacy application to the enhanced next generation application along  with an opportunity to work with the client in Oxford, UK. Finally the application pushed itself to a location out of the office – The Cloud.

I hold about 16+ years of experience with strong skills of application development, CI/CD, DevOps, Database, Cloud and Kubernetes.

Mr. Puthama Raju Rudru

Title : Principal Technical Architect

Bio : A Software development enthusiast, experienced in building enterprise web applications, integration services, micro services using technologies like Java, Spring, SpringBoot, web services. Worked on multiple phases of software development lifecycle including analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and production support.


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