Cricket Data Analysis Using PostgreSQL

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Join us for an engaging and hands-on workshop on Cricket Data Analysis using PostgreSQL. In this workshop, we will focus on analyzing data from the ICC ODI 2023 World Cup datasets. Cricket, being one of the most popular sports worldwide, generates vast amounts of data ranging from player statistics to match outcomes. Learn how to leverage the power of PostgreSQL, to dive into the intricacies of cricket data.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the fascinating world of cricket data analysis with a focus on the ICC ODI 2023 World Cup datasets. Learn the skills needed to import, analyze, and derive valuable insights from cricket data using PostgreSQL and PgAdmin!

Join us for an interactive and informative workshop that combines the thrill of cricket with the power of data


Dates & Time of the Session:

Day 1 : 10th February, 2024

Timing: 10:00 a.m. – 12 Noon.


Day 2: 11th February, 2024

Timing: 10:00 a.m. – 01:00 p.m.


Mode of  Workshop: Online

Profile of the Instructor

Piyush Wairale (M.Tech, IIT Madras)
Course Instructor at IIT Madras BS Degree
Educator at Microsoft Learn


Piyush Wairale is an alumnus of IIT Madras. Presently, he is working as an instructor at IIT Madras BS Degree Program. Additionally, he serves as an educator at Microsoft Learn, where he has played a pivotal role in mentoring over 600 students and guiding them to attain Microsoft certifications successfully.
Piyush has also conducted numerous online workshops and sessions on MS Azure certification exams. His professional achievements include obtaining the Google Certified Educator certification and demonstrating his proficiency in utilizing Google’s educational tools and platforms. Furthermore, Piyush possesses the Microsoft Certified Data Engineer certification, showcasing his profound expertise in data engineering—a field of utmost importance in today’s data-driven landscape.

Intended Audience

● Cricket enthusiasts are interested in the analytical aspects of the game.
● Anyone interested in learning how to use PostgreSQL for data analysis.



Basic knowledge of SQL will be helpful

Session Schedule

Day 1 :

Overview of PostgreSQL:

● Why PostgreSQL and overview of PgAdmin

Introduction to Cricket Data:

● Brief overview of the ICC ODI 2023 World Cup datasets.
● Understanding the structure and content of the provided cricket data.

Importing ICC ODI 2023 World Cup Data:

● Loading the provided datasets into PostgreSQL.
● Hands-on session on using PgAdmin to import CSV files efficiently.
● Discussing best practices for data import and database design.


Day 2:

Data Exploration:

● Performing exploratory data analysis (EDA) using SQL queries.
● Extracting key statistics and insights from player and match data.

Aggregation and Grouping:

● Understanding how to aggregate data based on different criteria.
● Grouping data to analyze team performance and player contributions.

Join Operations:

● Utilizing SQL joins to merge datasets and extract meaningful information.
● Analyzing player-team relationships and historical performance.


Attendance is the criteria for certification. Certificates will be issues to all the participants who attends the session.


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  2. Dr Savio Leitao

    great opportunity

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    Must recommended for those who are doing BS in Data science and algo

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