EV: Advanced Battery simulation using Ansys Fluent

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About the workshop:

Electric vehicles are becoming more cost-effective as Lithium-ion battery technology progresses. These batteries have increased ranges, faster charge times, lower costs, and extended life. With the rising demand for ultra-low power design methodologies in power electronics and electric vehicle manufacturing, advances in battery technology have become increasingly important. To save time and costs associated with battery experimentation during R&D, modeling and simulation has become essential.
Join this workshop to learn about Ansys solutions for battery modeling and simulation, including:
The CFD-based multiscale, multidimensional module in Ansys Fluent for quantifying the 3-D thermal and electrical performance of batteries and thermal abuse scenarios, including projectile impact on a battery pack.

Instructor : Mr. Sharique Iqbal, Senior Application Engineer, CADFEM India.



Session date : 11th February, 2023

Timings : Saturday 10am – 12pm

Mode of workshop: ONLINE

Registration fees and Certificate

Course Fee : Rs 236/- ( Rs 200 +18% GST)

Certificiate : Certificates will be provided to ONLY those participants who attend the workshop and 60% (time logged in attendance)  will be taken as a criterion for certification.


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