High Resolution NMR Spectroscopy in Liquids and Solids: Principles and Analysis of Spectra

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Last date for registration: June 30,2022

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Mode of workshop: Online

In this workshop I will discuss fundamental concepts of NMR spectroscopy, experimental determination of NMR spectral parameters, numerous examples of the analysis of NMR spectra of 1H, 13C and other heteronuclei will be given.

I will also discuss the polarization transfer mechanism, the spectral editing techniques, such as, APT, DEPT, INEPT.
Two dimensional NMR and the commonly employed experiments, viz., COSY, TOCSY, HSQC, HMQC, HMBC, NOESY, etc will be discussed with a number of examples.

The practical aspects of one and two dimensional NMR data acquisition and processing will also be highlighted.

The solid state NMR, magic angle spinning and cross polarization will also be discussed. I am aiming to reach a wider audience.

Workshop Schedules:
04th to 08th July  – 6-8Pm
09th July (Saturday)- 10-12Pm & 2-4Pm
10th July (Sunday)  – 10-12Pm & 2-4Pm

Instructor(s) Profile


N. Suryaprakash is a Professor and chairman at the NMR Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science and superannuated from the service last year. His research work is focused on diverse wings of NMR spectroscopy, with a major focus on the manipulation of spin dynamics to design novel NMR techniques to combat inherent challenging problems of NMR spectroscopy, viz., to achieve sensitivity enhancement, higher resolution, discerning of degenerate transitions and facile extraction of spectral information. His designed single and multiple quantum methodologies significantly transformed chiral analysis of molecules in weakly aligned media using 1H NMR. He has also discovered numerous water compatible weak chiral aligning media that circumvented many inherent limitations of enantiomeric differentiation. His seminal contributions have catapulted research in NMR spectroscopy, structural chemistry, chiral chemistry and in the field of weak molecular interactions. He is a world renowned leader in the field of NMR spectroscopy.

Eligibility & Criteria

MSc in Physics, chemistry or pharmaceutical sciences.

Previous experience or technical knowledge is not essential, but would be beneficial.

PhD students, practicing NMR spectroscopists


 Regular attendance and a short assessment with objective type questions.

Workshop Schedules:
Weekdays: 04th to 08th July –       6-8Pm
Weekends: 09th July (Saturday) – 10-12Pm & 2-4Pm
10th July(Sunday) –     10-12Pm & 2-4Pm

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