How to Read Research Papers

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Reading research papers is the single largest component of any researcher’s time effort. Beginning researchers and PhD scholars are often overwhelmed by this task and are at a loss. In this workshop, we will discuss approaches to this everyday task. Different research papers need to be approached differently based on their subject matter (engineering/humanities/sciences), their content type (theoretical/empirical/mathematical) and goal of reading (comparison/motivation/education/review).  We will take a look at several example papers and discuss ideal approaches to reading them. We will also discuss some generic strategies for reading research papers that emphasise the difference of this from other media consumption modes (watching a video/reading a book)

Topics Covered

1. Consuming content: Books vs videos

2. Reading technical papers

   Type of paper: Engineering vs science vs social science

   Type of paper: Theoretical vs Experimental

   Reading approaches: multiple pass approach, skim and skip approach,  precision reading approach, reference hunting approach.

3. The hierarchical structure of papers

4. Critiquing without reading the entire paper.

5. Reviewing papers.

 Learning outcomes:

1. Identify the field, content type and goal of reading a research paper.
2. Design strategies for reading the paper based on above identification.
3. Grasp basic template strategies for reading research papers.


Session dates:  26th November, 2022

Time:  3pm to 5pm 

Last date of Registration:  November 21st, 2022

Profile of the Instructor(s)

Prof Harish Guruprasad is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Madras. He works on Machine Learning theory/algorithms and aspects of explainability and fairness in AI.

Eligibility & Fees

Intended Audience:

Any PhD student

Fees  for the workshop:

Rs 236 (200+GST)


After successful completion of the course, a Participation certificate will be awarded to each participant.

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