Integrated Marketing Communications in the VUCA Era

Mode of Workshop : Online

Last day of registration: Aug 3, 2023 



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Emerging Trends in Integrated Marketing Communications – The 10 key aspects which marketeers, entrepreneurs and executives need to know today

Which factors separate a highly successful social media marketing campaign from a painful flop? How can companies survive a crisis which ‘goes viral’? How can an entrepreneur with an excellent new product idea capture public attention amidst a tidal wave of digital advertising already flooding consumers? How are AI and the metaverse impacting marketing strategies? 


Strategic Integrated Marketing: more critical now than ever before

 In today’s fast-changing, complex and tech-enabled world, A company’s strategic marketing plan can “make or break” the business. Given the highly digitised nature of modern societies and the prevalence of always on, two-way communication with all stakeholders – from consumers to business partners, influencers to government officials, employees to investors – the right marketing communications are central to success because confusing, negative or un engaging messaging can and will be criticised.


Relevant, current, practical

Whether you are a seasoned marketing professional, a future marketing manager, an entrepreneur seeking marketing skills or an ambitious self-promoter keen to hone new abilities, this two-session online workshop promises to deliver relevant, current and useful theoretical and practical information. Taught in an interactive, practical style emphasising case studies and real life examples, the course covers key topics including: Integration of online and offline marketing tools, Adapting new technologies and emerging ethical issues and the Complexity of engaging diverse customer groups while maintaining a consistent brand image.  

The program will last two hours: One hour and twenty minutes for the presentation, 40 minutes for the breakout room and Q&A.


Session dates :

Session 1:  4th August, 2023 (Friday)

Session 2: 5th August, 2023 (Saturday)


Timings :

7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (Indian Standard Time).


About the Instructor

Dr Laurie Ann Underwood brings to this online Masterclass series more than 20 years of professional expertise in corporate marketing and communications in US, China and France. She is the co-author of three successful business books (China CEO, China Entrepreneur, China CEO II). A frequent business speaker as well as a seasoned marketing professor. She has spoken for Tedx Bund (Shanghai), Economist Network (Shanghai) and Conference Board. She is currently Senior Professor of Practice and Head of Marketing Management Major at IESEG School of Management (Paris). 

Course Description

The session focuses on the emerging BLENDING of online and offline marketing

1. Foundations of Modern Marketing:

     Topics Covered:
  • 4Ps to 7Ps to 4Cs.
  • Product-centricity to customer-centricity to customer collaboration.
  • Customer journey mapping & customer touch points.
  • Promotional mix – offline to online.

2. Integrated Marketing Concept:

       Topics Covered:
  • Case study: Crayola.
  • USP to ESP – emotion in marketing.
  • Guerilla & Shock marketing – buzz marketing tactics.
  • Importance of NPS (Net Promoter Score)

3. Importance of Trust in marketing:

       Topics Covered:
  • Crisis management in the social media era.
  • Brand reputation and brand purpose.
  • Value of trust-building for brands.

Intended Audience

Graduates, Researchers and Professionals from diverse industry backgrounds.

Registration fees and Certificate

Course Fee : Rs 1180/- ( Rs 1000 +18% GST)


Certificates will be provided to all the participants who attend the workshop.


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