Introduction to Design Thinking & its creative tools

Mode of Workshop : Online

Last day of registration: 27th July, 2023



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A small glimpse of the course:


This course aims to help students and professionals to discover design thinking and learn how to use it in their professional lives.

Relevance of the course:

  • Design thinking is a method that is in high demand in several professional sectors, as it helps organizations to innovate in involving all the stakeholders. 
  • Design Thinking enables participants to become more user-centric. It will help participants to understand the stakeholders’ needs.
  • Based on design thinking tools, participants will learn to solve problems and generate innovative ideas. 
  • Participants will discover how to draft engaging presentations to convince their audience.

Session dates :

 July 29, 2023 (Saturday)

 July 30, 2023 (Sunday)


Timings :

07:00 p.m. to 09:00 p.m. (Indian Standard Time).


Topics Covered

Session 1: Introduction to Design Thinking 

In this session, participants will discover what design thinking is and what are its uses. They will understand that this process enables them to solve problems and to design new ideas in collaboration with stakeholders. They will be introduced to the five steps of design thinking. They will practice the five steps in groups.  


Session 2: Collecting Data from Stakeholders 

In this second session, participants will employ design thinking methods that will help them to better understand the users and stakeholders. The goal is to learn to listen and collect information from stakeholders.   

About the Instructor


Dr Joanna Seraphim ,

Professor of Practice in Design Thinking,

IÉSEG School of Management, Paris.


Dr. Joanna Seraphim is a Professor of Practice in Design Thinking at IÉSEG School of Management in Paris, France. She holds a Ph.D degree in Anthropology from École des Hautes Études de Sciences Sociales, Paris. After several trainings of Design Thinking, Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the, Stanford University , Dr. Joanna started teaching these disciplines to students, entrepreneurs and professionals. In parallel, she is a design thinking consultant and has worked with big international companies, SMES, public & cultural institutions and startups. 


Learning Outcomes

  • Explore design thinking and its tools.
  • Apply the five step design thinking.
  • Collect data from stakeholders. 
  • Interpret data.
  • Use idea generation tools to design innovative solutions for the stakeholders.
  • Compose creative pitch to present their ideas.

Registration fees and Certificate

Course Fee :

Rs 1180/- ( Rs 1000 +18% GST)


Intended Audience :

Intended audience can be Students , Research Scholars, Employees and / or Managers



Certificates will be provided to all the participants who attend the workshop.


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