Programming with AI for Problem Solving

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Course Description

About the course

Many interesting and important problems can be solved efficiently with the help of computing. A traditional course on “Programming for Problem Solving” develops your ability to manually translate your solutions from natural language to programs so that they can be run on computers. Thanks to advances in Generative AI, much of this translation can be performed automatically via easy-to-access tools such as ChatGPT, Codeium and GitHub Copilot. Thus, this course seeks to develop two main abilities:

(1) To express your solutions in natural language clearly enough so that Generative AI tools can translate them into programs

(2) To understand, test and debug programs (manually, and with AI support) to confirm that the translation is correct.

No prior knowledge of programming is assumed. The course will mainly use the Python programming language but some C programming will be introduced to discuss advanced concepts.

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Session dates: 1st June, 2024


Last date of Registration:  28th May, 2024

Profile of the Instructor

Dr Viraj Kumar is a Visiting Professor at the Kotak-IISc AI-ML Centre at IISc Bangalore. His research focuses on Computer Science Education including Generative AI for Computing Education. He serves as an elected member of the ACM India Council and chairs its Educational Initiatives Committee. He
served on a Ministry of Education Committee to rethink the Engineering Education curriculum in response to Generative AI, and this course is one of the recommendations of that Committee. Previously, Dr Viraj has served as a contributor for developing the AICTE Model Curriculum for CSE (2022) and as a consultant to the Kasturirangan Committee for drafting the National Education Policy (NEP 2020).

Module Details

Week 1 :

Why Programming “With AI”, Fundamentals: Datatypes, Variables, Assignment, Deep-dive: Strings


Week 2:

Python functions, Function design, Function testing, Conditionals, Recursion, Deep-dive: Lists


Week 3 :

Iteration, Deep-dive: Dictionaries, Case-study for Algorithmic Improvement: Arbitrage


Week 4 :

External libraries, Reduction, Case-study for Data-centric Improvement: Word game


Students: ₹ 1,770 (₹ 1,500 + 18% GST)

Faculty: ₹ 2,360 (₹ 2,000 + 18% GST)



Certification will be awarded to candidates who submit their Weekly Assignments and final quiz


Intended Audience

This course is open to all. However, it primarily targets B.Tech/B.E. students in all disciplines, as well as M.Tech/M.E./PhD students and Engineering faculty in non-Computing disciplines.

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