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Teaching is one of the main goals of a University / College. Most faculty members would like to motivate and inspire students to learn deeply in their courses. Still, as is well known, some teachers are more effective than others. This workshop is about becoming a more effective teacher.

To be an effective teacher for a course on a subject in higher education, a teacher needs two orthogonal skills: subject matter expertise, and understanding of effective teaching practices. Even with subject matter expertise, without using good teaching approaches, one may not be an effective teacher. The aim of this workshop is to help faculty who have a decent understanding of the subject matter to become more effective teachers. The module focuses on general pedagogy techniques for effective teaching, and any college/HEI faculty member from any discipline can benefit from it.

There is a vast body of literature on Teaching and Learning (T&L) and pedagogy at the college level. This workshop will discuss a few key concepts and practices which are now widely accepted and recognized as being effective in improving the teaching and learning process, and which can be practiced relatively easily in the commonly used lecture-based approach of teaching.


Details about the session:

Session Date: 9th August, 2024

Mode of Session : Online

Recorded videos will be released on 9th August, 2024

An ONLINE INTERACTIVE session will be held with the faculty

Profile of the Instructor

Prof. Pankaj Jalote

Distinguished Professor

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Delhi


Prof. Pankaj Jalote is Distinguished Professor at IIIT-Delhi, of which he was the founding Director (2008-2018). He has been a Professor at IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur,  Vice President at Infosys, and a Visiting Researcher at Microsoft. He has a BTech from IIT Kanpur, and PhD from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Has authored six books including Building Research Universities in India (SAGE) and has a blog on Higher Education in India. He has offered workshop on Effective Teaching online and in many institutions including IIT Delhi, IIIT-Delhi, IIT Jammu. His research interests are in Software Engineering and Higher Education. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and INAE.

Module Description

The workshop will have a few modules, each having a few short videos; total length of videos in each module is about an hour. Some readings and exercises may be given after each module. The modules are:


Teaching and Learning:

Teaching and learning process, concepts related to learning: e.g. what is learning, how students learn, students’ learning focused teaching.

Course Design and Learning Outcomes:   

Establishing learning outcomes, Bloom’s taxonomy framework and its use in establishing the learning outcomes, integrated course design with learning outcomes including teaching plans and assessment plans. 

Lecturing with Active Learning, peer learning:

Making lectures more effective with active learning using in-class interjections, peer learning and its value, other approaches like flipped classroom, collaborative learning, etc.


Formative and summative assessments, assessment instruments, designing assessments.  

Student Motivation:

Student motivation background – goals, values, expectancy;  what an instructor can do to enhance student motivation.  


Certificates will be provided based on completing the lectures and submitting the assignments.

Intended Audience

  • College/University (any HEI) faculty members/teachers from any discipline.
  • PhD or Masters students planning to take up teaching positions can also attend. Prior teaching experience is preferred.




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