Introductory training program on Sustainability

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Course Description

Sustainability is a critical challenge that the world faces. IIT Madras is committed to educating every one of its students, faculty and staff members on sustainability so that we can take better decisions to create a safer, equitable and environmentally friendly planet. In order to increase sustainability awareness, IIT Madras has created this sustainability training module that must be taken by all of our faculty staff and students. The module addresses environmental and social issues relating to sustainability.

Participants are requested to click the Module Assessment tab to watch the video and take the 15 multiple choice assessment questions, in order for us to assess your awareness on sustainability. Please note that this test is only for IIT Madras Community ( Faculty, Staff and Students).

Name of the Instructors

  • Prof. Krishna Vasudevan, Department of Electrical Engineering, IITM
  • Prof. Indumathi Nambi, Department of Civil Engineering, IITM
  • Prof. Ligy Philip, Department of Civil Engineering, IITM
  • Prof. Muraleedharan VR, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, IITM
  • Prof. Ashwin Mahalingam, Department of Civil Engineering, IITM

Module Assessment

The training module is divided into 5 sub-modules:

1. Introduction to Sustainability
2. Managing our water resources
3. Transition pathways to clean energy
4. Waste Management and Circularity
5. Social Aspects of Sustainability


Please click here to watch the Video:

Please click here to take the assessment :


Note: This form response for assessment will collect 2 email ids (one auto collection and one manually entered). The evaluation will be considered only for those where both these email ids match.

For people who would like to learn more on Sustainability, we would like to inform you that IITM CODE is offering a one-month certificate course on Sustainability for Indian Businesses. For more details, please click the link


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