Responsible AI – Tour (Cohort 2)

Last Day for Registration : September 24, 2024

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AI/ML systems are becoming increasingly pervasive in all facts of our lives. However, deployment of (large scale)  AI systems by the industry without careful consideration of ethical, legal, privacy, societal concerns might lead to undesirable outcomes. The course is intended to educate industry personnel about the nuances of deploying AI in a responsible manner.


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Course Start Date: October 4, 2024


Mode: Pre recorded Videos will be released on Fridays and Online Live session on Saturdays.


Last date of Registration:  September 24, 2024

About the Course

Centre for Outreach and Digital Education (CODE), IIT Madras in collaboration with Wadhwani School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, IIT Madras offers a short-term executive certificate programme on Responsible AI-Tour. This is a 2 week course that intends to introduce the participants to the ideas of Responsible AI. In the first week, algorithmic issues will be introduced and Principles of Responsible AI (RAI) will be discussed. In the second week, metrics and tools for RAI will be discussed in detail including the legal/regulatory framework in India and the world.

Name of the Instructors

Prof Balaraman Ravindran

Head – Wadhwani School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence,  IIT Madras.

Prof. Krishna Ravi Srinivas
Adjunct Professor, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad.
Consultant, Research and Information System (RIS), New Delhi.

Module Details - Week 1

Week 1 :

Name of the Module: Principles of RAI


  •  Examples of AI/ML systems going wrong; problems with all ML models – bias, robustness, generalisation to OOD samples, explainability, data protection; problems with generative models – hallucination, factual correctness, prompt injection, data leakage, deep fakes, copyright infringement, etc. Examples will be drawn from various incidents. 
  •  Principles of RAI – Transparency; Accountability; Safety, Robustness and Reliability; Privacy and Security; Fairness and non-discrimination; Human-Centred Values; Inclusive and Sustainable development. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the principles of responsible AI
  •  Appreciate the pitfalls of using AI without proper oversight/auditing mechanism

Module Details - Week 2

Week 2 :

Name of the Module: Metrics and Tools for RAI


  • Metrics and Tools for RAI – measuring bias/fairness, adversarial testing, explanations (Lime/SHAP/GradCam), audit mechanisms 
  • Regulation landscape – DPDP act (India), GDPR (EU), EU AI act, US presidential declaration, Ethical approvals, informed consent, participatory design, future of work 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand and appreciate  the  commonly used RAI tools
  • Understand  Data Protection Laws, AI regulations, ethical practice

Course Fees

Rs.23,600/- (Rs. 20,000 + 18% GST)


Register before 31st July, 2024  to avail 30% discount

Rs.23,600/– Rs 16,520/- (Rs. 14,000 + 18% GST)


Intended Audience

The course is primarily targeted at practitioners/leaders who are involved in high level policy/decision making roles in the AI/ML industry space. A basic introductory  background in Machine learning will be helpful to appreciate the nuances of responsible AI.


The Certificate criteria for this course is as follows:

Total % will be calculated from all 3 categories

( Assignments, Quizzes and Attendance of Live sessions)

Type of certificate that will be issued

75% -100% Successfully completed
50% -74% Completed
25% – 49% Participated
<25% No Certificate

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