Teaching Data Structures and Algorithms

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Description of the Course

This course is primarily targeted towards college teachers teaching data structures and algorithms. It will cover the standard topics including Heaps, Balanced Binary search trees in Data Structures and standard Algorithmic Design Techniques (divide and conquer, dynamic programming and greedy), basic graph and sorting algorithms and the theory of NP-completeness. The emphasis will be on motivation, interesting examples and brute force solutions, how we can start each of these modules and keep students curious, engaged and interested.

Profile of the Instructor

Prof Venkatesh Raman, Faculty at IMSc Chennai since 1991, has published over 100 papers in International conferences and journals, and has been part of nearly hundreds of faculty development programs in data structures and algorithms. President of ACM India (July 2022-June 2024).

Course Content

Data Structures
1. Introduction and Terminologies
2. Binary Search and Analysis
3. Stacks, Queues
4. Supporting Insert, Max and DeleteMax
5. Supporting Insert, Search and Delete
6. Balanced Binary Search — Why and how?
7. Disjoint Sets
8. Tries and Suffix Trees

1. What and Why?
2. Divide and Conquer
3. Dynamic Programming
4. Greedy
5. Basic Graph Algorithms
6. NP-completeness and Beyond

Intended Audience & Eligibility

Intended Audience :

College and University teachers teaching data structures and algorithms



Experience in teaching data structures and algorithms

Fees for the Workshop

Fees :

Students:  Rs. 944 (Rs 800 + 18% GST).

Faculty : Rs. 1770 (Rs 1500 + 18% GST).

Certification Process

Attendance and Two short answer questions


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