Fundamentals of Cloud Services for Healthcare

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About the workshop:

This webinar will cover the Essentials of Health Cloud, a rapidly growing field in healthcare. Designed for those who want to learn about the industry’s key areas, the session will explore key stakeholders, processes, technologies and trends in Health Cloud. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of Health Cloud’s role in healthcare including how it can help improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Learning outcomes:

1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of what Health Cloud is and how it can be used in healthcare practices.
2. Understand the benefits of cloud services in healthcare including increased efficiency, accessibility and scalability.
3. Understand the key features of Health Cloud, including patient management, care coordination and analytics.
4. Understand the regulatory requirements for cloud services in healthcare including HIPAA and GDPR.
5. Understand the importance of data privacy and security in cloud services, including encryption, access controls and audit trails.
6. Understand the key challenges associated with cloud services in healthcare including data interoperability, integration with legacy systems and user adoption.
7. Understand the impact of cloud services on healthcare delivery, including improved patient outcomes, reduced costs and enhanced patient engagement.
8. Understand the role of Health Cloud in population health management and accountable care.
9. Understand the potential of cloud services in healthcare innovation, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics.


Session date : 21st July, 2023 (Friday)

Timings :  06:00 p.m. – 07:30 p.m.

Mode of Workshop :  Online.

About the Instructor

Mr Srini Mahalingam, VP Customer Success at GS Lab| GAVS comes with 19+ years of Healthcare industry expertise implementing complex business & digital Transformation engagements. With extensive experience in Delivery management, BPaaS Program management, Product consulting, Solution architecture, Business Development and grooming HC IT leaders, Mr Srini has rich experience in the Healthcare domain. He has worked across various Lines of Business and many Products in the industry especially on Trizetto suite of products and is an excellent mentor handing teams across global locations.

Application of this topic

1. Gain Competitive edge in the cloud adoption market with a start in techno-functional expertise
2. Working in Health Cloud encourages innovative perspectives necessary in healthcare today
3. Encourages collaboration globally increasing exposure and adding global value across stakeholders
4. Provides a foundation across various technologies and concepts like Data management, analytics and security used upon cloud addressing the current and future needs of global healthcare

Relevant Job Areas

  • Cloud Architect.
  • Cloud Development.
  • Data Analytics.
  • Healthcare Cloud Sales.
  • Healthcare Domain Consulting.

Registration fees and Certificate

Course Fee : Rs 236/- ( Rs 200 +18% GST)

Certificiate : Certificates will be provided to participants who attend the workshop.


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