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The objective of the course is to provide optimal insights into land surveying using GPS (Global Positioning System). The course starts with an introduction to land surveying leading to GPS as the state-of-art for surveying of land. Then, different aspects of GPS systems such as GPS architecture, GPS signals, GPS receivers, GPS software has been discussed followed by GPS positioning & GPS observables.  Next, it provides GPS processing fundamentals consisting of pre-processing and processing steps under different processing strategies followed by quality assessment and field procedure of GPS surveying. The course concludes with a detail demonstration of GPS field surveying followed by processing of collected data.


Diploma/Degree/Master/Doctoral students; Field surveyors; Professional persons dealing with GPS surveying.
Application based.As core course (partial) for Civil Engineering,Geo-spatial Technology etc.
As elective course (partial) for Earth Sciences,Geography etc for all domains in which GPS surveying may be applied.
May be considered for both course (UG & PG).

Part of any of the degrees: (BE/ME/BSc/MSc etc).


Basics of Physics and mathematics upto 12th standard and familiarity with use of computer.



Prof. Jayanta Kumar Ghosh is working as Associate Professor in the Civil Engineering Department (Geomatics Engineering Group) of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. He is engaged in teaching, research and consultancy works in Geomatics engineering for more than 31 years. He is pioneer in introducing courses on GPS surveying in the UG & PG curriculum of  Engineering education in India, since 1999. He has conducted many short term courses on Surveying for the building professionals as early as 2000. He has published TWO books on Surveying – Elementary Engineering Surveying and Introduction to GPS Surveying. He is member of different National and International technical associations.

Certification Process

1. Join the course
Learners may pay the applicable fees and enrol to a course on offer in the portal and get access to all of its contents including assignments. Validity of enrolment, which includes access to the videos and other learning material and attempting the assignments, will be mentioned on the course. Learner has to complete the assignments and get the minimum required marks to be eligible for the certification exam within this period.

COURSE ENROLMENT FEE: The Fee for Enrolment is Rs. 1000 + GST

2. Watch Videos+Submit Assignments
After enrolling, learners can watch lectures and learn and follow it up with attempting/answering the assignments given.

3. Get qualified to register for exams
A learner can earn a certificate in the self paced course only by appearing for the online remote proctored exam and to register for this, the learner should get minimum required marks in the assignments as given below:

Assignment score = Score more than 50% in at least 3/4 assignments.
Exam score = 50% of the proctored certification exam score out of 100
Only the e-certificate will be made available. Hard copies will not be dispatched.”

4. Register for exams
The certification exam is conducted online with remote proctoring. Once a learner has become eligible to register for the certification exam, they can choose a slot convenient to them from what is available and pay the exam fee. Schedule of available slot dates/timings for these remote-proctored online examinations will be published and made available to the learners.

EXAM FEE: The remote proctoring exam is optional for a fee of Rs.1500 + GST. An additional fee of Rs.1500 will apply for a non-standard time slot.

5. Results and Certification
After the exam, based on the certification criteria of the course, results will be declared and learners will be notified of the same. A link to download the e-certificate will be shared with learners who pass the certification exam.


Course Details

Week 1 : Introduction, GPS System
Week 2 : GPS Positiong, GPS Observables
Week 3 : GPS Data Processing
Week 4 : GPS Field Surveying, GPS Field Data Processing

Books and References

A Text Book on GPS Surveying (2015) by Dr. Jayanta Kumar Ghosh ISBN-13: 978-1522952749, ISBN-10: 1522952748, Amazon US:


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