Scripting Tool & GUI Development for Industrial Application – Batch 2

Session Date : 1st January, 2024


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Scripting Tools & GUI development are essential for the development of embedded applications, as they help engineers and developers design, test, and optimize their systems for Embedded System Design. Scripting tools and GUI Development plays a crucial role in the development and maintenance of embedded systems, offering several key benefits like Testing, Automation, Integration with Hardware, etc.

The primary objective of the course is to develop skills in Python Scripting and GUI development with PyQt. Python scripting is renowned for its simplicity and readability and useful for rapid prototyping and quick development of scripts.



65 Hours (Theory: 13 hours & Lab: 52 hours) 24X7 Self-paced using Recorded Lectures


Mode of Delivery:

Theory sessions shall be delivered through ONLINE mode using recorded lectures by NIELIT.

Lab demos (recorded) and live sessions (if any) shall be delivered through ONLINE mode by NIELIT Calicut.

Lab experiments and mini-projects shall be done through Open-source/License-free tools.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Python
  • Control Flow and Functions
  • Data Structures in Python
  • File Handling and Error Handling
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Python
  • Introduction to GUI Programming
  • PyQt Widgets and Layouts
  • Signals and Slots
  • Dialogs and Menus

Profile of the instructor(s)

Mr Rajesh M, Scientist/Engineer ‘D’, NIELIT Calicut

Qualification : M.Tech

Area of Specialization : Embedded System Design and wireless communication

Research Interests : Wireless Sensor Network, IOT, Device Driver Development, RTOS

Experience: More than 10 Years

Mr Akula Sri Rama Pavan, Scientist –‘B’, NIELIT Calicut

Qualification: B.Tech

Area of Specialization: Electronics and Communication Engineering

Experience : 7 Years

Research Interests: Embedded system design, Signal Processing, and GUI Design

Pre - Requisite

Basic knowledge about any programming language

Intended Audience

Engineering students, recent graduates, industry professionals or ongoing students with the 6th semester completed.

Registration and Payment

Selection will be based on a ‘first come first serve basis’ among eligible registrants. Registration will be closed once a sufficient number of candidates for a batch has registered.

Welcome mail will be sent by NIELIT Calicut to their registered email a day prior to the start day of the course.

Registration link   –

Eligibility & Certification

Engineering students, recent graduates, and industry professionals with an interest in learning about Python Scripts and GUI design.


50 % for assignments and 50 % for exit test


For Queries please contact:

Shri. Akula Sri Rama Pavan, Scientist B


Ph: 89043 10403

Support Desk

Workshop Coordinators:

Name : Rajesh M, Scientist ‘D’
Phone: 94472 17649

For Queries/Support :

Name : Shri. Akula Sri Rama Pavan
Email :
Phone: 89043 10403


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