Types, Uses, Future roles and Relevance of EHR’s in Health care

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Understand the varied expanse of Applications used across Healthcare Stakeholders and how it aligns to their various operational and strategic processes- across Care Delivery, Billing and Revenue, User Engagement through Portals, Practice and Hospital Management Systems.

We will focus on the use of Electronic Health Records in specific and its essential role in capturing patient information efficiently. We will also touch upon its significance in improving patient care, connecting stakeholders and its usage in advanced analytics

About the Instructor

Ms Dipti Dilip Gujela


With 11+ years of experience in healthcare across US and India, Dipti is a Lead Healthcare Consultant here at GS Lab| GAVS.
Dipti has supported multiple leading EHRs working across Change Management, Incident Management, Optimizations/Enhancements, Transition Management, and Testing. Additionally, she has contributed to product development for leading pharma companies as a Business Analyst, adeptly bridging the gap between technical and functional teams.

Learning Outcomes

1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the different applications used in healthcare practices across payors & providers, including Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Practice Management Systems, and Billing and Coding Systems.

2. Understand the importance of technology in healthcare practices, including how it improves patient care, reduces medical errors, and increases efficiency.

3. Understand the key features of EHRs, including clinical documentation, order entry, decision support, analytics, and patient communication, etc. for improved patient outcomes.

4. Understand the role of technologies like AI and automation in EHRs, how it improves patient care, reduces medical errors and increases efficiency.

5. Understand the importance of interoperability in EHRs looking at the key integrations to and from an EHR connecting stakeholders across functions and why they exist

Application of this topic

Improved job opportunities

With the increasing digitization of healthcare, knowledge of healthcare applications and EHRs can be valuable assets for job seekers in healthcare and health IT industries.

Enhanced clinical decision-making

Healthcare and health tech professionals can use EHRs to access patients’ complete medical histories, including diagnoses, medications, and test results, enabling more informed clinical decision-making.

EHRs are involved in improving operational and clinical efficiencies through advanced analytics, making it a key concept to know to conduct research, provide services and add value to clients/ healthcare industry

Relevant Job Areas

  • EHR Implementation and Efficient Use.
  • Data Analytics.
  • Clinical Informatics.
  • Medical Coding.
  • Clinical Documentation.
  • Data interoperability.
  • Information Security Specialists.
  • Data Management

Registration fees and Certificate

Course Fee : Rs 236/- ( Rs 200 +18% GST)

Certificiate : Certificates will be provided to participants who attend the workshop.


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